Natural soaps

Natural soaps · 2020/12/10
COFFEE NATURAL SOAP WITH COCONUT OIL Coffee and of course coffee soap can neutralize odors very well. This means that a natural soap with coffee is a must in every kitchen to effortlessly remove stubborn odors, such as onions or garlic, from your hands with coffee soap. Our natural soaps are made from coconut oil, palm oil and coffee powder.

Natural soaps · 2020/07/10
The best Aloe Vera Natural Soaps for your Live. Aloe vera, the plant, for your beauty, that has already proven its worth way back to the historic times up to now. Include aloe vera in your beauty program to experience the amazing benefits. The cosmetic and medicinal value of the plant is debated. It is found in many consumer products. Aloe gel has been used for topical treatment for minor wounds and burns and skin irritations for centuries. Aloe Vera used to be known as the "burn plant'.

Natural soaps · 2019/10/28
Christmas as a time of togetherness and common joy. At Marketplace3000 you will find gift ideas for friends and family: We have something for every taste, so Christmas will not be boring. Discover gifts for Christmas now. Christmas natural soaps that are just right for you. These handmade Christmas soaps smell luxurious and festive! Cinnamon Soap or Sandalwood Soap - Just like a warm stove that warms your heart for the holidays, these soaps make you feel the same!

Natural soaps · 2019/10/09
Flower soaps as a fragrant bathroom decoration. The soaps can also be used excellently, in the house, but especially in the bathroom, as a room fragrance or decoration. #Flowersoap #Naturalsoap #Thailand Soap carving has a long tradition in Thailand. Each soap is unique and is made by hand and with great attention to detail. (for example, the rose soap smells like fresh roses, the mango leaves emit a fruity mango flavor).