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Christmas stories · 2018/12/09
Awakening - Hermann Hesse. When Siddhartha left the grove, where the Buddha, the perfected one, stayed behind, where Govinda stayed behind, then he felt that in this grove his past life also stayed behind and parted from him. He pondered about this sensation, which filled him completely, as he was slowly walking along. He pondered deeply, like diving into a deep water he let himself sink down to the ground of the sensation, down to the place where the causes lie, because to identify the . . .

Christmas gifts · 2018/12/02
Marketplace3000 - We sweeten you the Advent season! Save 20% on all coconut shells with the coupon code "Advent". Gifts for the best time of the year! Discover now >> Each bowl is unique. As a natural product, every bowl is unique. Coconut shells are made by hand and painted. Our coconut shells, unique and decorative home accessories. Handmade and a nice gift. Authentic and practical - coconut shells are perfect for storing.

Art, Gifts & Giftideas · 2017/11/30
Lacquerware Black with Gold Leaf Offered is a wooden bowl with lid, painted black with handmade gold decor on bowl and lid. Various round boxes with lids, small and large, are known as yun-it including ones for paan called kun-it (betel boxes). Yun titta are rectangular boxes for storing various articles including peisa or palm leaf manuscripts when they are called sadaik titta.