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Gifts for Tea Lovers · 2019/02/19
The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers Looking for a special little something for a brew-lover in your life? With our information out there about the preparation techniques, the world of tea can feel much like the world of wine. Shopping for a tea lover doesn’t have to be difficult, since, also like wine, tea can be enjoyed without knowledge of its most esoteric details. This here tea gifts section is where you’ll find it!

Celadon ceramic tea set Tea set, Thai porcelain celadon  A tea set with 4pcs, green. Handmade.
Art, Gifts & Giftideas · 2017/02/23
Celadon ceramics the perfect note between refined and stylish. Their cool, pellucid hues sing of luxury while their classic forms breathe timelessly chic. This new spectrum of contemporary celadon creations extends from the traditional form to the exceptional variation, from the modest domestic object to the unashamed showpiece. Should you want to buy a gift for someone who is both stylish and fiercely on trend, look no further than this ultra-serene green porcelain. The delicate and timeless...

Afternoon Tea Lovers · 2016/05/19
THE LOVE OF TEA. Is an attitude which combines the delights of tea with an experience of culture. Tea has a renewed interest due to the interest as a way to reconnect with yourself or with friends. Time is a valued commodity. The love of tea as a daily private event. DIE LIEBE ZUM TEE. Ist eine Gesinnung, die den Genuss von Tee mit der Erfahrung von Kultur verbindet. Tee hat wieder erneutes Interesse gefunden. Tee zu trinken, als eine Möglichkeit, die Zeit angenehm mit Freunden oder alleine zu.