Wood bowls & plates

Wood bowls & plates · 2019/09/19
Be smart and get the best wood bowl now! Cheaper and better wood bowls. Get the ultimate and perfect wood bowl! When the weather gets warm, outdoor living heats up, and porches and patios become the place to be. As your sunny days shift to balmy nights, add some atmosphere to your garden and yard with lanterns. Fanciful, or simply elegant, and they delightfully elevate the ambience of your outdoor spaces. Then allow us to enchant you with one of our impressive Lanterns.

Wood bowls & plates · 2018/01/05
Thai Lacquer Box Offered is a wooden bowl with lid, painted black with handmade gold decor on bowl and lid. Item: Vintage Thai Lacquer Box Condition: New Origin: Thailand Size: Bowl with lid, small: height: 6 cm, diameter: 6.5 cm Weight: 60g The object is coated layer upon layer with thitsee and thayo to make a smooth surface, polished and engraved with intricate designs, commonly using red, green and yellow colours on a red or black background.

Wood bowls & plates · 2017/11/14
Exclusive coconut shells in a very classy and noble look. Versatile use and certainly always an eye-catcher. Each bowl is unique. An extraordinary gift idea! As a special style element on furniture or for the storage of personal jewelery,

Mango Wood Bowl This decorative bowl is made from the finest mango wood, and it will look good on any bookcase or on your table.
Wood bowls & plates · 2017/01/10
This delightful mango wood bowl is perfect for use on your livingroom table or as a gift for that special someone. The art of Thai wood crafts. Our product is all made from the fullness of natural materials quality wood. Mango wood to produce the classy and exquisite handcrafted wood stuff for you. Each piece has its own unique character and is unmatched in quality. Made of natural mango wood with nature beautiful texture, durable. The dark and light tones of browns make an excellent fruit bowl...