Herbs from Thailand

Herbs from Thailand · 2018/01/21
Basil Tree - A rare and exotic basil Basil Tree is a non-stop harvest plant. Also known as Clove basil, this is a quite distinct species in being a much-branched, shrubby perennial, woody at the base. An agreeably, sweetly perfumed plant with fuzzy, lime-green leaves up to 4ins long, it bears dense spikes of small, pale yellow flowers. You can grow this plant as the other basil species simply as a potted plant. The basil will develop a real woody trunk and a massive ball head.

Herbs from Thailand · 2017/01/23
Herbs in the Thai Kitchen The harmonization of tastes, the diversity of Thai food, and the many of Thai-herbs are a priceless heritage that belongs not only to Thai people but also to all people in the world. Herbs are a great addition to food, not just because they add special flavor and spicy taste to our food, but also contain many anti-microbial substances that help keep our food protected from these agents. In general, herbs are employed in small amounts while preparing recipes but fresh.

Herbs from Thailand · 2017/01/19
Growing your own Culantro. The best time you plant after frost in the spring, then you can pick individual leaves until summer’s long days. Culantro, will grow out of its rosette, stretching upward with a fast-growing stalk that will bloom and set seeds. If the seeds are allowed to drop into the soil, it may re-seed. Your best is to grow it in early spring and cut off the flower stalk in order to encourage continued leafy growth, rather than flowers.