Black Thai Tea - Extra Gold

The result is an unfermented tea that retains many of its naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals.

Black Thai Tea - Extra Gold

Thai Blend Black Tea - Extra gold

Item number: 07062018-14-35

  • 50 bags, 125 grams box
  • Traditional black tea - extra gold
  • Thai Tea Blend.

We offer a Thai blend black tea - extra gold for easy
do it yourself in the 125 grams box with 50 tea bags.

The traditional Thai black tea mix can also

be enjoyed as freshly brewed hot black tea.

The traditional Thai black tea mix - extra gold can also be enjoyed as freshly brewed hot black tea.

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Thai Tea Instant Powder Extra Gold Aroma 50 teabags in Tin Box.

Thai Tea Instant Powder Extra Gold Aroma 50 teabags in Tin Box.

  • Package: 50 teabags (125 g) in Tin Package
  • Teabags size: 2.5 g x 50 teabags
  • Shelf life: 2 years after production.

Original Thai Tea Mix Extra Gold


Just add hot water 250-300 ml per 1 teabag. Let it sit about 3-5 minutes then remove the teabags. After that, add sugar for making Thai Black Tea or add condensed milk/sugar for making Thai Milk Tea.

Thai Tea Extra Gold is a premium Tea which is carefully examined and taste tested by our master tea blender to ensure the premium brewing experience is applied on this top grade leaflet. The blend has undergone a stringent process to bring out its characteristic aroma and distinctive taste.


Number One Brand Thai Tea Extra Gold can be served in various concoctions. Among these choices include plain tea, the famous Cha Yen (Thai Milk Tea), Thai Black Tea, Iced lemon tea either hot or cold.



Thai Iced Tea Recipe

Thai iced tea, Cha Yen or Chaa Yen in Thai, is a popular drink widely available in small restaurants and street stalls in across Thailand. This simple recipe for Ice Tea: Pour in boiling water and steep to desired strength. Make the tea strong because it will be diluted later with milk and ice.


Sweeten the tea partially with sugar and finish off by adding sweetened condensed milk to taste. Pour over a glass of ice. Top with evaporated milk. Take note that the rich orange color of black tea is made roasted with anise or licorice flavorings."


Add 1-2 bags Thai tea to a large pitcher and pour over the hot water. Stir well for about half a minute until the liquid is dark brown. Add sweetened condensed milk to taste. Stir well. Cool to room temperature. To serve, pour over a full glass of ice. Top with unsweetened condensed milk if desired. The resulting tea should be dull orange.

Cha Tra Mue a brand for fans of Thai iced tea!

Cha Tra Mue Rose Tea - A New Tea Trend In Thailand

Thai tea, or Cha-Yen, is a favorite of many people around the world. The aroma of the red tea leaves mixed with the creamy and sweetness of milk, creating one of the most refreshing drinks that everyone can enjoy.


No matter where you go in Thailand, from a street side hawker to upscale hotels, you can find Thai Tea. Cha Tra Mue have been working on building its brand to accommodate the newer generation of consumers.


Not just a pretty drink, the rose in the tea comes packed with benefits according to Cha Tra Mue. Apparently, some of the benefits of rose include detoxification, laxative effects for those with constipation and weight loss.


What is the exceptional of the Rose Tea? Yes it is pink, it is cute, and it came out on Valentine’s Day. The brand of over 70 years has finally found its place in the hearts of Thai people.


If you’re a fan of Thai milk tea, Cha Tra Mue is a brand you’ll recognise.   

Cha Tra Mue a brand for fans of Thai iced tea!


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