2  Notebooks  with  red & blue Fabric

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Decorative notebooks with Fabric

Handmade Diary
Cover Material: Fabric
thread sewing
Eyes pale cream paper, lined paper
Inner Pages: 200 sheets
Size: W 10.5 cm x H 15 cm x D 1.5 cm

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2  Notebooks  with  red & blue Fabric

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The notebook, we need it almost everyday. A handmade diary is the perfect gift for anyone passionate about writing, sketching and painting, along with the taste for the genuine and authentic. Our notebooks offer an impressive variety of beautiful bindings, choose your own individual style.


Sometimes a smartphone can’t replace the feel and flexibility of old fashioned pen and paper. There's no better place than a paper notebook. It helps you to slow down and be more thoughtful about what you write. To pull out a thoughtfully chosen notebook and a nice pen conveys that the owner is classy and untroubled.


But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to pick a good notebook. And notebooks are as varied as your thoughts: They come in different sizes, shapes, materials, hard cover, soft cover. To recommend a single notebook for everyone is not possible.


We’ve the best notebooks for you. You need a good notebook to jot down those thoughts, drawings, you can choose from our website. Some of our notebooks are covered with floral fabric. Inside, there is a satisfying stack of 100 sheets of eyes pale cream paper, perfect for scribbling shopping lists or to keep for something special. 


The weight of the notebook’s paper is important as the thicker it is the less likely it is the pen will show through to the other side. If you use a fountain pen, the thicker the paper the better. Size is essential: don’t buy a notebook that’s too big to fit in your bag. 


If you have a  beautiful notebook or a journal, you're not afraid to write in, fill those pages up with ideas and insights that will make you feel happier, healthier, and infinitely more organized! 


2  Notebooks  with  red & blue Fabric