Natural soap - Orchid

The orchid caresses the soul. A wonderfully scented, flowery soap with noble ingredients.


Natural soap - Orchid

  • 100% Organic Thai soap
  • All soaps are handmade.
  • Are natural materials and plant extracts are used for producing exclusively. No additives, no animal fats.
  • Weight per soap about 100 grams
The oil may cause a skin reaction if the dosage is excessive. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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  • 0,12 kg
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 All soaps recipes are state tested & certified.  Food and Drug Administration Ministry of Public Health

Natural soap - Orchid

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Orchids for cosmetics

Specific Orchids are cultivated in orchidarium for the skin care. Orchids with a long life are cultured in order to extract extracts for cosmetics. Orchids mean above all, beauty from the outside and inside.


Orchids can be 80 to 100 years old when grown outdoors in the rainforest. Nevertheless, they still look fresh due to their high resistance to harmful climate influences and their anti-inflammatory properties. Why, should not these properties be useful in skin care?


After more than ten years of research, one finally came to the conclusion that there are substances in the orchid which counteract the skin aging and improve the moisture content of the skin. And the good thing, you can extract the conscious active ingredient from the flower and add skin care products. The long life of the orchid from the orchidarium reaches the lab in your bathroom.

Want to learn more about orchids?



The scent of orchids is frequently analysed by perfumers to identify potential fragrance chemicals.



The other important use of orchids is their cultivation for the enjoyment of the flowers. Most cultivated orchids are tropical or subtropical, but quite a few which grow in colder climates can be found on the market.


Use as food

The dried seed pods of one orchid genus, Vanilla (especially Vanilla planifolia), are commercially important as a flavouring in baking, for perfume manufacture and aromatherapy.


Traditional medicinal uses

Orchids have been used in traditional medicine in an effort to treat many diseases and ailments. They have been used as a source of herbal remedies in China since 2800 BC. Gastrodia elata is one of the three orchids listed in the earliest known Chinese Materia Medica.

Natural soap - Orchid