Gift set - Pure natural soap

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Natural Soap - Gift Set

  • 100% Organic Thai soap
  • All soaps are handmade.
  • Are natural materials and plant extracts
    are used for producing exclusively.
    No additives, no animal fats.
  • Weight per soap about 80-100 grams
  • This gift set has 2 premium natural bars of soap, soaps of your choice, that are great for normal skin. And include also a loofah sponge
Our soap contains neither animal by-products, synthetic fragrance, nor detergents.

6,90 €

  • 0,35 kg
  • verfügbar / available
  • 6 - 10 Werktage / working days

Gift set - Pure natural soap

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Delivery time 1 - 2 weeks.

Only valid for deliveries to Europe and USA.

For deliveries to other countries, the time may vary.

All soap that we offer is made of natural products. Organic botanical and vegetable ingredients like, saponified coconut and palm oils are used to create the soap we offer. The soap is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin has moisturizing and balancing effect. It contains no preservatives. The high content of natural glycerin moisture balance of the skin is positively influenced. Essential oils blends add great smell and properties to the soap to making using it a pleasant and highly rewarding experience not only for your skin but for your mood too.

Gift set - Pure natural soap