Biological soap - Jasmine

Jasmine - Feminine, graceful and glamorous - with noble jasmine oil from Thailand.


Natural soap - Jasmine

Jasmine soap

Item number: 26012019-20-58

  • 100% Organic Thai soap
  • All soaps are handmade.
  • Are natural materials and plant extracts
  • are used for producing exclusively.
  • No additives, no animal fats.
  • Weight per soap about 100 grams

3,30 $

Our soap contains neither animal by-products, synthetic fragrance, nor detergents.

2,90 €

  • 0,12 kg
  • verfügbar / available
  • 6 - 10 Werktage / working days

Biological soap - Jasmine

Shipping information:

Delivery time 1 - 2 weeks.

Only valid for deliveries to Europe and USA.

For deliveries to other countries, the time may vary.


Jasmine - The essential oil of Jasminum officinale is used in aromatherapy. Jasmine absolute is known as the 'King of Oils', and its heavy, sweet scent is loved by most people. The flowers release their perfume at dusk, so flowers are picked at night and a tiny amount of oil is obtained by solvent extraction. The aroma of jasmine is described as calming and soothing without being soporific, and is indicated for depression and stress - as well as some respiratory conditions.

Biological soap - Jasmine

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