Wooden bowl - wooden serving bowls

This adorable mango wood bowl is perfect for use on your dining table!

Wooden bowl - Wooden serving bowls

Deco wood bowls are welcome accessories 

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Deco bowls made of mango wood are welcome accessories, because they are versatile. Wooden bowls decorate your home and are also very practical.

The bowls are handmade and maintain their unique appearance by a special process (water / oil treatment). So that each bowl is unique and a special eye-catcher in your home.

  • Bowl, small  Ø ca. 5 in (12.5 cm), height:  2,6 in (6.5 cm)

hand-crafted from mango wood.

The bowls are washable, water resistant, but not dishwasher safe.

Hand-crafted from mango wood. The bowls are washable, water resistant, but not dishwasher safe.

10,50 €

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Wooden bowl / wooden serving bowls


Mango wood bowl is perfect 

This beautiful and practical bowl is hand carved from mango wood, a rich brown sustainable wood. The dark and light tones of browns make an excellent bowl. Or can be used simply as an eye catching centerpiece to any room or table. A wonderful addition to a collection, or a frequently used fruit or salad bowl at the family table. It will bring warmth and character to any dinner table. Create an impressive dining experience with this distinctive and contemporary wooden bowl.


For processing only slowly growing wood is used because it is characterized by an increased level of hardness. Mango wood reaches a hardness similar to teak. As well seasoned and dried wood has the property to expand with time, small cracks can occur which are part of the character of the commodity. Our product is all made from the fullness of natural materials quality wood.

Wooden bowl - wooden serving bowls

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Wooden bowl - wooden serving bowls