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Thai Chili

Thai Chili Peppers: Perhaps the most famous ingredient in Thai cuisine is the small fresh chili, known as prik kee noo, literally 'mouse dropping chili'. Actually it is not the spiciest chili pepper in the world, but if one is unaccustomed to eating spicy food, or is caught off guard, they can pack a mighty punch!

Thai curry paste is typically made with whole small dried red chilies,

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Thaiherbs - Thai Chili

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Thai Chili

Fresh prik kee noo is used to make nahm prik, a spicy condiment or soups like tom yum goong, a popular lemon-grass flavored and with Kaffir lime leaves hot and sour shrimp soup. If you like super hot Thai curry, add whole fresh chilies at the end of cooking.


Prik chee fah is a larger-sized chili pepper and not as spicy. It literally means chili pointing at the sky, because the chilies grow on the bush pointing upwards. It is a less spicy chili and is often used for garnish.


Chile peppers are all members of the capsicum family. There are more than 200 varieties available today.. Always take caution when handling them (wear rubber gloves when seeding a fresh one). The heat of chiles comes from a compound called capsaicin. It is located in the "ribs" of the chile. Seeds do contain some heat, but not at the same intensity as the ribs. Chiles are called peppers, but are not related to black pepper. Botanically, they are berries and horticulturally, they are fruits. When fresh, we use them as vegetables. When dried, we use them as spices.


Thai curry paste is typically made with whole small dried red chilies, stems removed, and seeds intact. If unavailable, try dried whole Mexican chilies, the hottest available, and soak in hot water to soften. Thai dried red chilies for making curry paste in our online Shop.

CLASSIC CURRY PASTES   Red, Green, and Yellow are the colors of the three most popular Thai curry pastes.




Red, Green, and Yellow are the colors of the three most popular Thai curry pastes. These taste-explosion pastes work with everything from Thai meat dishes to vegetables and seafood - even noodles.



Thai Curry Pastes and Herbs

In this category you'll also find Thai sauces and dips recipes including how to make Thai chili sauce, naam plaah prik. Thai people refer to dishes that are known as "Thai curries" in the Western world as "kaeng". The first Thai dictionary from 1873 CE defines kaeng as a watery dish to be eaten with rice and utilizing shrimp paste, onions or shallots, chillies, and garlic as essential ingredients. Coconut milk is not included in this definition and many Thai curries, such as kaeng som and kaeng pa, do not feature it. Curries in Lanna cuisine, with only a few exceptions, do not use coconut milk due to coconut palms not growing well, if at all, in the climate of the Thai highlands. The spiciness of Thai curries depends on the amount and kind of chilli used in the making of the paste. Even within one type of curry the spiciness can differ widely.

Curries are eaten in combination with rice, the long grained jasmine rice in central and southern Thailand and sticky rice in northern and northeastern Thailand, and with noodles such as khanom chin (fermented rice noodles). Certain curries can also be eaten with roti, the Thai version of the Indian-style fried flat bread from Malaysia called roti canai.  

Thaiherbs - Thai Chili