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Thaiherbs  Galangal

Thai herbs with intensively taste and are lasted for a long time.

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Dried Galangal 30 g

Organic Galangal

Item number: 14062019-09-52


This cousin of ginger is prized in Thai cusine for its extraordinary citrus-like flavor in soups and its burst of herbal heat in curry pastes. In its fresh form, its color ranges from delicate ivory to warm brown, depending on its exact variety and age. Round and plump with lots of thumb-like protrusions, it's always encircled with dark rings along the rounded chunks.

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If you are not able to find fresh galangal, dried sliced roots imported from Thailand are available in most Southeast Asian markets.

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Dried Galangal

If you are not able to find fresh galanga, dried sliced roots imported from Thailand are available in most Southeast Asian markets. These roots may have an brown color, because they are a slightly different variety, but they are the next best thing to fresh. For pounded chilli and curry pastes, the dried sliced roots grown in the tropics give a fuller range of flavors than the fresh ones grown in temperate zones.

GALANGA - Kha   ข่า

Herbs from thailand - galangal

Alpinia galanga, (also Languas galanga), a plant in the ginger family, is an herb used in cooking, especially in Indonesian and Thai cuisines. It is one of four plants known as galangal, and is differentiated from the others with the common name greater galangal (or simply Thai galangal). The galangals are also called blue ginger or Thai ginger.

Galangal may be used fresh or dried, which makes a great difference in flavour. Fresh galanga has a pure and refreshing odour and a mildly spicy flavour; it is the galanga of choice for all Thai foods, where thin slices of galanga are often added to soups, e. g., to the well-known tom khaa [ต้มข่า] which basically is a variant of tom yam [ต้มยำ] (kaffir lime) with galanga and coconut milk. Moreover, galanga is often used, finely cut or chopped, for stir-fries; and last but not least, ground fresh galanga rhizome is an essential ingredient in most curry pastes (see coconut for a discussion on these typical Thai flavouring). Like ginger, its aroma merges well with garlic.

Dried and powdered galanga is less fresh but more spicy, something in between of ginger and cinnamon. Dried galanga is also sold if form of slices that must be reconstituted in warm water and come closer to fresh galanga in their flavour.

A. galanga is called laos in Indonesian and is the most common form of galangal used in cooking. It is also known as lengkuas and galanga root. In Manipuri, it is known as kanghu. in Myanmar, it is called pa de kaw.

Culinary uses - The rhizome is a common ingredient in Thai curries and soups, where it is used fresh in chunks or cut into thin slices, mashed and mixed into curry paste. Indonesian rendang is usually spiced with galangal.

Traditional medicine  - Under the names 'chewing John', 'little John to chew', and 'court case root', it is used in African American folk medicine and hoodoo folk magic. Ayurveda considers A. galanga (Sanskrit:-rasna) as a Vata Shamana drug. Known as (perarathai) in Tamil, this form of ginger is used with licorice root, called in Tamil athi-mathuram (Glycyrrhiza glabra) as folk medicine for colds and sore throats. The rhizome has been shown to have weak antimalarial activity in mice. Of course thai-herbs.

Thaiherbs  Galangal

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Thaiherbs  Galangal

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