Perrone Riccardo - Painting


Riccardo Perrone

Senza titolo

Oil and wax paper on cardboard

70 cm x 50 cm

Signed: Perrone 1995

550,00 €

  • 8 - 12 Werktage / working days

Riccardo Perrone

Senza titolo

Oil, wax on cardboard

98 cm x 72 cm

Signed: Perrone 1998.

580,00 €

  • 8 - 12 Werktage / working days

Perrone Riccardo - Painting

Riccardo Perrone - No name, stories to tell - Senza titolo, molto da dire.

Riccardo Perrone was born in Aqui Terme, Piedmont, on the 12th of April 1954. In the Seventies he moved to Florence where he attended the School of Arts. Here he met and frequented Pierluigi Borghi, an estimated artist on the European scene.
Riccardo soon shows up on the art market as an abstract painter and immediately collects solo and collective exhibitions all over Italy, to soon after present international exhibitions in Koln, Erfurt, Prague, Linz, Salzburg, Wien.
In 2009 Riccardo reaches wide notoriety also in Finland, where his works are exposed permanently at the prestigious “Contempo” Gallery in Helsinki.
Only one year later, Riccardo presented the exhibition “Senza titolo, molto da dire” (“no title, much to say”) at the Finnish National Museum which officially started the 10th edition of the “Week of the Italian Language in the World”; a selection of 30 paintings are displayed with no title and retrace some of the most relevant expositions of the artist, among which: “Morfogenesi dello spazio”, “Argenia del volto”, “Opere al nero” and “Tratti di colore”.
In 2011 he took part in the first edition of the annual fair Art Helsinki, which he repeated again in 2012, year in which he also exposed in the “Nicolas Flamel” Gallery in Paris.
At present Riccardo Perrone lives and works in the heart of Tuscany, a few kilometers from San Gimignano.

What people writes about him...
Riccardo Perrone is a painter surrounded by an air of mystery which allows him to hide in himself all his knowledge, his experience and his creativity.

Being him a reserved, introvert and quiet person, he manages to communicate only through his hands, a reflection of his irrepressible passion for painting. He looks after his canvas with the care of a father to his son, painting and "polluting" the canvas with various painting techniques, skills which only belong to the great masters.
He lets the rawest feelings and the deepest concepts flow through his colours and his refinement: abstract visions that will speak to you!



Riccardo Perrone - Exhibitions in the world

Paris, France (July 2012) - Nicolas Flamel Gallery

Como, Italy (June 2012) - Center Middle Ages at Olgiate Comasco

Helsinki, Finland (January/December 2011) - Contempo Gallery

Helsinki, Finland (October 2010) - Finland National Museum

Salzburg, Austria (March/July 2001) - Garangengalerie

Praha, Czech Republic - Koln, Germany - Linz, Austria (February/December 2000)

          Gruppe SA.FI.R. - Atelier Menck Sfegola - Michael e Pitra Oeg

Linz, Austria - Florence, Italy (September 1997/April 1998)

          Gallerie der Muhlviertler Kunstlergilde - Atelier De Giraldi

Florence, Italy (January/May 1995) - ATELIER ALLEGRI with collaboration of Amnesty International


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Perrone Riccardo - Painting